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Earlier this month, research firm Wristly released a study on the reasons Apple Watch owners may stop using the smartwatch.But that idiot cashier, did mistake (he must be not fully trained of the system) and even after he tried to get the refund in GC, he completed the transaction to bank. then after that, he called the manager to post void the return transaction.Best buy sucks one policy says 30 day return and than the other says 15 days.I willl never ever buy from this store again and will make sure everyone I know is aware of this and my previous experiences.I was kind of hoping that the company would get back on track and do well, but I fully expect them to go under with this kind of short-sighted policy.They then shipped out a new item to me and I received it the next day.

Bought a TV 31 days ago, and the picture went out. Just sound.My husband asked her why, as we had purchased the broken TV from them, the receipt states a 30 day return policy for elite members and nowhere in the receipt does it state a 3 day policy for damaged product.In late July, Best Buy announced plans to begin Apple Watch sales online and in its retail stores beginning on August 7, and as promised, Apple Watch.Bought a Epson Home Cinema, did not use it, thought you had 60-90 days to return it, as other reputable stores have, but NO.I tried to return a gift which I had bought my wife on December 23, only to find out the return policy is only 14 days.Stored microwave in my living room in the unopened original box.I was told by the salesman that he could not return the game because it might be stolen.The manager then said the salesman thought you were going to trade it in.

I will surely think long and hard before EVER buying anything from Best Buy again.Costco and Best Buy work with a customer as well as Business out there.

It was an opened item and it Looked extremely clean and everything was still packaged neatly. I.Best Buy said I have to return the unit myself since I did not buy the extended warranty.We contacted Best Buy customer service department and they said they never heard about this 3 day policy and actually said that it sounded like the store manager (Kelly Anderson from San Jose, CA - Curtner Store) just did not want to take the television back.Two days before the shipment I got an e-mail that the shipment will be delayed by almost a month.They sent out my computer and I guess it was going to take to long to fix so I got the newer model for a couple hundred more dollars.

Shop at Best Buy for the new Apple Watch models available to buy.I have had serious issues with this several times in the past and then for several years I make a point not to purchase from best buy.One month after Apple Inc. started selling Apple Watch at its own stores, the company said it will bring the device to Best Buy stores in August.The policy only says if you get warned or denied a return, you can call and get a copy of your returns.Apple is planning to offer customers an opportunity to exchange only their Apple Watch bands rather. they let us buy the.Went to Best Buy on September 21 which was 18 days after i purchased a HP Pavilion Quad-Core on September 3,2015.I took it back to bestbuy for them only to tell me that there was nothing to bat for hey could do.

See what others are saying about Best Buy returns, refunds and exchanges.They found the purchase but then said because we missed the 7 day window, we are out of luck.Unless you are within your Return and Exchange Period you would not be able to exchange your existing Apple Watch.I was also promised a 50 dollar gift card due to my troubles with BEST BUY mixing up my returns and even sending more return labels then asked or needed.

But his people said they do also i know 3 ex sales people, not to leave out tv and raido people that have said they do when tring to interview management at Best Buy.Hate to judge all by this thug manager but that is my return experience and no he was not that good of sales he jacked me for my shitaste.I went to store and requested the cashier to refund the item in gift card, so that i will again purchase as per my choice of the same amount.I went to state college best buy Mobile to return my galaxy tab 2 tablet with receipt within the 14 day alloted time frame.So far, Apple has not announced sales numbers for the device, arguing that doing so could help its competition.Starting next month, consumers will be able to purchase an Apple Watch from Best Buy.

Now I get to wait 3 to 4 business days for for it to even post onto my bank account and then maybe a day for it to clear with my bank.

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One month after Apple started selling Apple Watch at its own stores, the company said it will bring the device to Best Buy stores in August.If they stop the 2 year replacement program I will have no reason to shop there anymore.I told them that it was best Buys error however I was told I would have to mail the item in to get my full refund in the manner I paid for it.To help sell its new watch, Apple turns to old frenemy. with the Securities and Exchange. a matter of time that Best Buy would sell Apple Watches.I will keep posting this notice to make sure this does not happen to someone else.Which sounded good, so then they were also giving away a 32 inch Samsung tv.with a phone I got the s7 and left the note 5 there.

Tomorrow I will try calling them, so they have the opportunity to fix the problem or never see me again.Two days later it droped from my pocket aprox 12 inchs to pavement and screen broke.

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FORTUNE may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.I repeated three or four times to that cashier that if it is possible to get the refund in gift card then only go for this otherwise not.I asked when did the 30 day return policy change, she said two years ago.The screen has tto be touched more than once to even used before breakage.I have been a customer of Best Buy for over 15 years and never had a problem with returns.They are worthless and I can see why they are closing stores.

Three days late I accidentally knocked the TV over and the screen cracked.Early December I got a notification saying the lens will arrive on December 7th.They received the item 2 weeks ago and I have yet to receive my refund that should have been issued within 3 to 5 business days.Samsung, the manufacturer claims to not cover damage and said that was Best Buys responsibility.I will have to file complaints to the State Attorney and the County Consumer Protection office about Best Buy.I hope they close soon. bY the way do not sent nothing to my Email.

They had to send me a letter stating that they have approved a refund.Analysts, however, are concerned about Apple Watch sales. In Oct., after Cook made his comments, analysts reduced their average shipment estimates for the fourth quarter down to 3.95 million—20,000 units less than they had anticipated in the third-quarter consensus.All I did was waste 2 hours and gas to drive to Best Buy and purchase a defective unit and waste 2 hours and gas driving back to Best Buy trying to return it.Best Buy will be the first retailer to stock the Apple Watch.Target will start selling the Apple Watch becoming the second U.S. retailer aside from Apple to carry the devices.When I complained to the store manager, he said he could not do anything but telling me to call the 1-888-BEST BUY number which of course has NO representatives answered.