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If BTC went up, I would have had no advantage of them crediting me the coins on the day it was actually due or today.Off-topic, but since you guys have ignored: 3 emails from me, and a tweet.You can trade Bitcoins directly for more hardware to mine Bitcoins.So not really a risk specially considering that price has fallen:).

To participate in our bug bounty program, please submit reports here.I just turned 22 for god sakes, you expect for me keep every bit of my life as professional and humble as possible.Lacking any sort of internal controls, even something as simple as balancing your books and verifying all transactions.Also, in that same comment, you linked to another voluminous thread criticizing Coinbase.In this paradigm, where anonymity is rampant, reputation is just a word.Financial transactions are really almost never implemented with database transactions.Yet another reason regulation is hurting everyone here: less regulation would have left Coinbase left overwhelmed with so much business (since there would be more competing businesses).For existing Coinbase customers, the purchase can be completed with as few as just 3 steps.The time our deposit for a house got lost was stressful several years of hard hard saving vanished during a transaction.

Seems like they have a history of this sort of thing that should have warned you of the risks you were taking.By default, browsers restrict AJAX requests to domains other than the current one.So whether the price increases or decreases, coinbase is taking a loss and gives the money to the consumers.

Coinbase Withdrawals Still Pending? You're Not the Only

Or, rather, maybe people should stop massive speculation on bitcoins on a platform that takes at least a few days (best case) to clear.We failed to clearly communicate and close this ticket out in a timely manner.

A real brokerage (e.g. Fidelity, Schwab et al) would likely be subject to non-trivial fines from the FCC for this type of gross negligence.For new users, the Buy Widget flow features a very familiar debit card form and a seamless way to create a Coinbase account.This is where fields in the local reconcilation db start to creep in and all sort of weird flags get made.Only if Coinbase can prove to the public that they are consistent on matters like this would your assertion be correct.

We believe strongly in the value of our program and encourage the rest of technology to similarly engage the security community.We will continue to make available the open source code in the github repo here.

Coinbase supports a multitude of different transaction ledger types.In 2016 we will be expanding the scope of our program and publicizing at least 30% of our valid submissions.Actually if there was a delay alone this would not really be illegal and could be forgiven.We decide shortcut this process by copying data directly from a high PIOPS EBS snapshot to a locally attached SSD on the new box, bringing the warming time down to 15 hours.Yes, and are you 100%, no strings attached, free to not participate if you are not comfortable with the rules.If you were an actual regulated financial entity, not running recs would be illegal under risk management requirements.But definitely, we had software requirements, as a matter of IT policy, that kept stuff like MongoDB out of production.

This database acted as chokepoint in performance that resulted in a complete public outage of, there are almost zero regulations that would apply to Bitcoin transactions, other than contract law.Our viewers can instantly get all the benefits of bitcoin without previously possessing or even knowing anything about the digital currency.Adding regulation only makes the barrier to entry worse for new companies.More to the point, a major bank will have layers and layers of accounting controls intended to catch even very small errors.Dear CoinBase My friend transferred BTC 1.0108648 on today evening.

Is this a reference to MySQL, pre-InnoDB, not being ACID compliant.You may not have intended this, but your posts on this thread have convinced me that Coinbase should not be held responsible for their own errors that hurt their customers.There could be a benefit to the more careful users, but consumers in general would simply get defrauded on scale.They executed the order as originally promised, admitted their mistake, and gave him a credit for the inconvenience.Amazingly, the existence of your comment strongly mitigates against your thesis being true.They get a notice and its up to them to either show up or not.Having money is not a license to act like an entitled, materialistic douchebag.But they are assuming that someone who was long on BTC as a speculator, is still long on BTC.

The OP, on the other hand, seems to have the understanding that Coinbase was obligated to complete his transaction within a very specific period of time.With a keen interest in bitcoin, Smith decided to open the Coinbase app and check the price of his holdings. Thomson has kept the lawsuit against Coinbase pending.HackerNews is big for us technies but you need to blow up their twitter,facebook, retweets daily as every day your going to lose value as bitcoin continues to drop with the news about china.

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Coinbase acts as a nice middleman where you can securely link your bank account, and for this convenience Coinbase charges you a higher fee than the exchanges.During this traffic increase, we saw a sustained increase in legitimate user traffic and one primary database was not prepared to scale to meet this load.On HN, there is an expectation of a certain degree of impartiality and free speech.Update: I just logged in and saw the coins returned to me as a new, separate transaction.MySQL is a random example of financial traffic not following ACID principles.